ConsoXL the quickest way to consolidate excel sheets. If you send out spreadsheets to affiliates, branches, departments...and later need to consolidate them all, or if you simply need to consolidate identical sheets, ConsoXL will save you hours of work.

See an example

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Watch the video and see how easy it is to use. Add your files, select the sheets, the way to group them, check three options and click Conso.

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Have a different approach to
consolidations and move out of the select, copy-paste hell! ConsoXL will do it for you. For most financial schedules you don’t even have to select a cell.

Never forget a cell anymore
ConsoXL will take them all. It’s a fully automated process and all cells will be taken into account. The consolidation rules will be applied everywhere and if data are inconsistent it will let you know.

Look at the total and immediately see the details without moving from one sheet to the other. Each total cell can have all its details attached.

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Consolidation of multiple
sheets, workbooks and forms at once. No need to run separated consolidations for each form. Combine P&L and assets and get them all consolidated into one workbook.

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Use it for simulation and keep track of the revision number with all files used.

Support all kinds of formats, no specific templates are required. Try it with your own files.

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"ConsoXL is like a small piece of powerful magic..."

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